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Why not upgrade. 8 out of 10 computers bought as a replacement today are built with cheaper and less durable hardware than the computer they are replacing, plus they come with more and more useless trial software. Our most popular memory upgrade alone is enough to extend the lifespan of 7 out of 10 computers we service. Simple upgrades allow most people to save money on buying another computer, save time shopping around for one, save them from the hassle of going through the process of reinstalling programs and configuring settings, and save them the headache of restoring documents, music, pictures, and other personal files.

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In most cases, upgrading you computer hardware and software is the most cost effective way to increase the speed, performance, and productivity of you laptop or desktop computer. The computer system upgrades we offer are:

  • Memory / RAM Increase

  • Graphics Card

  • Motherboard

  • Hard Drive Capacity

  • Network Card Installation

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Processor Upgrade

  • Chassis Cooling

  • Software

  • Operating System

  • CD/DVD Rom Upgrade

  • And MORE!

Custom Configurations/Builds!

Dream of having a computer that no one has? Want a cheaper alternative to today’s market computers, and have double the performance for half the price? Why not create your own computer, you choose the case, the lights, how fast you want it, and what it does. Specialties include, Business Creation, Gaming Creation, Multimedia Creation.

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