What Is Computer Networking?

Computer networks are a set of computers connected to one another that share data and resources through a server. They are built using a combination of hardware and software based on the specific needs of your business or home set up.

Servers are an architecture that allows your other devices to function and communicate with one another. Servers provide a wide range of functionality including sharing data and resources among multiple clients. It’s also your businesses central area to store data and various other programs that are shared by the people in this network. The most massive example of servers sharing resources is our everyday connection to the internet. The best example how this works in an everyday office environment is a printer. Printers are shared resources connected to a server that everyone in the office shares. Let’s dive a little deeper…

What else does a computer network do?

A properly configured computer network from Top Hat Networking enables vital office functionalities such as video conferencing and email, makes information much easier to access and maintain in a business or law enforcement environment, allows multiple users to share a printer, scanner or other devices to increase efficiency and much more. It will allow files to be shared across a network and allow the sharing of operating programs or software.

Network Design                              Server Implementation

Ongoing Server Support               Software Implementation 

Spam Filtering                                Network Firewall

File Recovery                                   System Backup/Restoration

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