About Top Hat Networking

Here at Top Hat Networking we love to fulfill the IT needs of our customers. We have a combined experience of 2+ decades in the IT field. From systems technician to systems engineer to system administrator. We have supported companies from 300 users to 1 user and everything in between. We have work in various industries including the medical and dental industries, construction companies, manufacturing companies, and more.

You can be assured that we will have you covered. GUARANTEED.


We support a concept of creative and adaptable change towards new critical processes, IT services, and products that provide greater value.


We have a culture of respect based on four aspects: clients, collaborators, community, and environment.


We have a great capacity to react to the needs of service and customers, when its right for them, not us.


We have business processes focused on giving results, creating success stories and meeting deadlines as well as having a positive attitude towards our customers.


We guarantee the security of the IT services we offer. Our company designs and executes quality projects in order to meet customer expectations.


We are able to understand situations from different perspectives in order to achieve adaptable and feasible IT solutions.